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Crutch Accessories & Specialty Items

Neoprene Forearm Crutch Cuff Covers

Neoprene crutch covers will provide extra protection against the forearm rubbing in the plastic cuff. This is especially useful during hot days where short or no sleeve clothing is worn. Our neoprene is 3mm thick can be easily removed for washing or when thicker outer clothing is worn during winter. The cover is also reversible as one side has a cloth like materials while the other side is of soft rubber. They also make the cuff fit more snuggly for user with a smaller diameter forearm.

Open Crutch Cuff Cover

$39.75 per pair plus shipping and handling


Closed Crutch Cuff Cover

$42.75 per pair plus shipping and handling



Pediatric Crutch Cuff Cover

$57.80 per pair plus shipping and handling


Crutch Sleeves


Since 1998, we have been providing “alternate” sleeves / accessories for all of our crutches and canes.

They are made of Lycra and have patterns and colours. The intent was to give a change to the look of the crutches to compliment with clothing or something different for special occasions. The sleeve will also protect your crutches during rough activities. Finally, the sleeves will hide any damage or chips on the crutches.

To install: disconnect the clip or push button between the 2 tubes and slide the sleeve in place. Cut off any excess length if required.

Prices: $15.75 per pair plus shipping and handling

INGRID Cane and Crutch Holder

With the INGRID crutch / cane holder, you can easily hang the sticks when not in use on table and chair edges, doorknobs, wheel chair frames and shopping carts.

Suitable for diameters from 18.5mm to 26mm.

Price : 24.00 each

Silicone and Non-Silicone Crutch Hand Grip Sleeves

For many people who use crutches full-time for mobility, hand problems arise from long term pressure and friction. Most of our clients now use (soft) urethane anatomically handgrips which create an orthopedically correct fit. The weight distribution is covering the entire user hand evenly which prevents or relieves such problems as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Dermatitis, Tendinitis, Blisters and Sweating.

In some cases where individuals are still getting calluses or friction “burns”, the provision of the neoprene sleeves have been extremely beneficial. This product consists of a 3mm thick neoprene tube, 11cm long, materials used for diving suits, creating comfort and durability. It is installed (and removed) while applying isopropyl alcohol on the handgrip.

Price : Non-Silicone Handgrip Sleeve - $32.00/pair
Silicone Handgrip Sleeve - $47.50/pair

Silcone or Non Silicone