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OSSENBERG Kiddy (Children) Forearm Crutches



  • Plastic arm cuffs made of high-quality glass-fibre reinforced material.
  • Rubber tips made of natural rubber with metal inlay.
  • Special light-metal tubes, powder coated in 6 colours for your colour choice.
  • 3-adjustments for the upper part (cuff height), 8-height adjustments in the lower part with CLIP.
  • ERGONOMIC soft handgrips.All crutches come with Nylon Straps on the Cuffs.


  • Max. Load Bearing capacity up to 100 kg or 220lbs.
  • Weight per Pair = 0.9 kg or 1.9 lbs
  • Measurement : From top of Cuff to top of Handgrip = 19.5 cm to 24.5 cm (max); 7.7 inches to 9.7 inches (max).
  • From top of Handgrip to Ground = 57 cm to 75 cm (max); 22.5 inches to 29.5 inches (max).
  • Cuff opening on the front of the cuff = 7 cm; 2.8 inches

$160.00/pair + shipping and handling

Available in 6 colours: Red, Blue, Turquoise, Yellow, Purple and Mixed options.

Tube Color Options
Plastic Color Options

Kowsky Children's Colored Crutches





The Kowsky Children's Crutches have these features and benefits:

  • The Ergonomic Soft Rubber and Ergonomic Hard Plastic handgrip crutch is extremely light and yet very strong (tested to withstand 100 kg weight by the TU Berlin).
  • As our contribution to the environment, only materials which can be recycled are used in our anatomic soft grip crutch.
  • The Children's crutches are now also available in Anatomical Soft Rubber and Anatomical Hard Plastic handgrips. 
  • Any plastic part can be any combination of colors shown above. An unlimited number of color combinations for both the plastic and the metal tubes provide uniqueness to the crutches.
  • Any child that feels the need for style and an incentive to get on their feet will definitely appreciate the uniqueness of these custom colored crutches. 
  • Semi-elliptical cuff which supports the ulna optimally no matter what type of clothing is worn.
  • Two types of grip with perfect ergonomics and excellent ease-of-use that are simple to change.
  • Adjustable length via clip or push button.
    A cap nut for absolutely no noise when tightening the tubes.
  • Non-skid natural rubber suction cap that does not lose its elasticity even in the cold.
  • Please note that all the standard Kowsky colors are still available and will be re-listed for choosing soon. If you wish to view these colors you can do so here:
  • . Some colors from our Rebotec Line are also available in limited quantities.  Please inquire by email.


Please note that not all colours shown in the Kowsky Colour Viewer are stocked. We only carry the standard colour line NOT the Fashion Line. Colours not carried as stock are considered Custom and will be subject to additional fees. Non-Stock/Custom must be ordered from Germany and will also be subject to a minimum 6 week back-order.

Kowsky Kid's Anatomic Soft (Rubber) Handgrip Crutch - $160.00 per pair + Shipping and Handling

Tube Color Options
Plastic Color Options