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Osseo Integration

Osseointegrated Prosthetic Implants in Canada: Defining Roles and Driving a Common Approach for a World-Class Standard of Care
A White Paper Report

Status of Osseo Integration in Canada

We are currently serving 3 Osseo-Integration amputees, who had their implant surgeries done in Sydney, Australia. At the same time, we are consulting with professionals and amputees worldwide to add to our data base to help solve unique prosthetic challenges.

Another 9 B.C. resident amputees are currently awaiting funding approval for Osseo-Integration surgery and Rehab.

During Tony’s 2 weeks of training at the Osseo-Integration clinic in Sydney, Australia, he was awarded the Certificate of Training by the Dr. Munjed Al Muderis and his medical team.

Osseointegration Certificate

Osseointegration Above Knee Amputee

Direct Skeletal Prosthesis Osseo Integration

Patients with Osseointegrated Implants: Challenges and Possibilities for Prosthetists

Much has been written about new socket and liner technologies over the past 30 years. The era of PTB (for below knee amputees) and Quadrilateral (for above knee amputees) sockets have long come to an end. Thank goodness for that! Or maybe not ……. Still amputees wear old -style socket designs attached to prosthetic componentry that is bionic!
But what about the constant reminders by amputees who experience regular skin breakdown, bruising, swelling volume and body weight changes, causing that original fit not to be so pleasant. Frequent visits to the prosthetist, trying something new (once again) is no longer convenient plus there is no guarantee that things will improve, short or long term!

But what about those legs that seem almost perfect?
Well, unless you refer to limb transplants, we can only offer “replica” limbs made of silicone or 3-D printed material. The only REAL alternative is Osseo Integration (OI).

Well, the good news is, there is now at least one prosthetist on Canada who has been trained in this area of prosthetics, Tony van der Waarde CP(c) from Award Prosthetics in Burnaby, B.C.
Tony spent several weeks at Macquaire University Hospital (MUH) in Sydney, Australia, attending implants surgeries and practised with several “resident” amputees to service and adjust components between the bone implant and the prosthesis. The observations and technical knowledge gained has given him significant expertise in Osseo Integration prosthesis technology.

In order to get Osseo Integration done for Canadian amputees, they must travel to Sydney for 3-5 weeks, the actual surgery and rehab can only be done there.
Plans are underway to have some “local” orthopedic surgeosns become qualified to do this procedure in Canada, preferably in Vancouver. Though the “basic” technique has many technical similarities to joint (i.e. knee and hip) replacements, the surgical skill level for Osseo Integration is quite unique.

Anyone wishes to receive more information on the Osseo Integration process, cost factors, etc… can contact our office at 1-877-546-2748 or email Tony directly at tonyv@shawbiz.ca.

Osseo-Integration Silicone Protective Caps

When not wearing prosthesis, as attached to the “collar” on the bottom of the implant, (Fig. 1), it is a good idea to slip on a protective cap to prevent damage to clothing, bedsheets or inadvertent contact with other body parts or people close to you.

These “end-caps” are designed to fit over specific types of implants and can be easily slipped on or off.

The Silicone Protective Caps come in a variety of colours:

White, Black or Red.

Price: $70.00 each + Shipping & Handling