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Silicone Skin Products

Alternative Prosthetic Services (APS)

As of May 1996, we have utilized the skills and services of several prosthetics manufacturers to fit selected amputees with silicone prostheses. Though we recognize their individual and uniquely created products, we prefer to use Alternative Prosthetic Services (APS) for most of this work.

Their technicians (artists) come to our lab on average 4 to 5 times per year to do their work with the client present. Their custom tinting and painting process creates a unique end result that looks “the real thing”.

Since 2008, we have fit a total of 30 over devises for over 25 amputees, ranging from single finger, toes, entire lower limbs prosthesis or entire arms.

Anyone interested in receiving more information as to the process to access this service is encouraged to call our office for a personal consultation and cost estimate.